Chill Out! Your Summer Guide to Sustainable Cooling

Chill Out! Your Summer Guide to Sustainable Cooling
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What's cooler than being cool? Well, Ice Cold, as Andre 3000 would say. But even better, being eco-friendly cool! As the mercury rises this summer, let's dive into some fun, sustainable ways to stay chill. So put on your sun hats, kick off those flip-flops, and join us on this eco-friendly journey - just be sure to remember the reef-friendly sunscreen.
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Ventilation is Your New Best Friend
Remember the good old days when there was no air conditioning? Yeah, we don't either. But just for giggles, let's open our windows and turn on some fans. Natural ventilation is like your home's yoga class – a deep breath in the cool, early morning and late evening air is just what it needs.

Energy-Efficient Appliances for the Win
For those moments when you must have AC (we're looking at you, heatwaves), always opt for an Energy Star rated appliance. Think of it as choosing between a gas-guzzling monster truck and a sleek, efficient electric car. Yeah, we know which one we'd pick too.

Insulate, Insulate, Insulate
Imagine your home is a giant reusable water bottle. Sounds funny, right? But seriously, a well-insulated home, like your water bottle, is a cool home. It's like wearing the right outfit; you wouldn't wear a snowsuit to the beach, so why let your home 'dress' incorrectly for the season? Rupaul would definitely have issues with out-of-season fashion. Even simple insulating tricks like sun-reflecting window tint or just closing the blinds can do wonders for keeping your home as cool as MC Hammer in a pair of parachute pants.
MC Hammer in Parachute Pants
Plant Trees or Install Awnings - Nature's Own Sunscreen
Want a home improvement project? Plant some trees around your house or install awnings. Both are like putting up a 'No Entry' sign for excessive heat. Plus, nothing says 'eco-friendly' like a new leafy friend in your backyard.

The Green Roof or Cool Roof – Your Home's Hat
Speaking of outfits for your home, how about a new hat? A green or cool roof reduces heat absorption and makes your home look trendy too. You know the saying, "If the roof fits, wear it!" If changing your roof altogether is too much, consider using the beating rays of Mr. Sunshine to your cooling advantage and get some solar panels up on that roof. Let Mr. Sunshine help pay your energy bills since he is going to be your roommate for the foreseeable future anyway. No freeloaders in your home. On a side note, check with your local power company, many offer financial kickbacks for solar installations.

Hydration Station
Aside from the obvious drinking water, there is a watermelon calling your name. The cucumber and oranges are also. Staying hydrated is not only healthy, but it's also delicious! Eating water-rich fruits is a great addition to relentlessly drinking enough water to drown a fish. Not to mention it's the most natural way to cool down. Remember, you're not a camel, so don't wait to drink water.

Light Clothing – The Airy and Bright Summer Fashion Statement
In summer, cotton, hemp, bamboo, or most natural materials are your skin's best friend. These gifts from the queen of summer herself, Mother Nature, are light, soft, breathable, and best of all not full of harmful plastic-shedding chemicals. So, dress light to stay light. Your skin will thank you, and you might even start a new fashion trend.

Cook Outside – Unleash the Grill Master Within
Who needs a sauna when you have a stove and oven? Tickle your taste buds & keep the heat out of the kitchen. Swap rang out for that outdoor grill you have neglected all winter. Go raw, salads and smoothies are great ways to stay cool, and healthy while eating what is in season. Not a salad fan? I bet you have some leftovers that are great cold. Let's be honest, who doesn't love some cold pizza?
Outdoor Family BBQ Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs – Because Every Bit Helps
Incandescent bulbs are so last season. They're like tiny personal heaters you don't need. Let LED bulbs light the way to a cooler and greener home. In addition to keeping your home cooler & greener, they will also keep more green in your wallet. They last 10x longer than their fossil cousins and use a fraction of the electricity. Green and thrifty will be the new catchphrase for your summer.

Programmable Thermostats – The Brain of Your Cooling System
If your cooling system had a brain, it would be a programmable thermostat. They ensure your system only runs when you need it, like a loyal butler who knows your routine better than you do, and just like the butler doesn’t need to work hard when you aren't home, your AC shouldn't need to work hard when you are off working or having fun away from the house.

Timing is Everything
Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, the sun doesn't discriminate. So, plan your outdoor adventures for dawn or dusk when the sun is less of a 'scorching' critic. Nobody wants to be out in the hottest part of the day melting like an ice cream cone. Plus, sunrise and sunset light make for better Instagram photos, right?
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In the end, remember, it's cool to be hot, but it's even cooler to be eco-friendly. So this summer, let's embrace these sustainable cooling tips and do our part to take care of Mother Earth. She wants to stay cool as much as we do and she's the only home we've got. Stay chill, folks!

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