Why are diaper liners essentials for your baby? - Lukara

Why are diaper liners essentials for your baby? - Lukara

Are you among those parents who can’t sleep peacefully because of your little angels crying at midnight due to a wet diaper’s irritation?

Ugh!.... This is not any special issue for anyone; everyone goes through this phase when they become parents. The real problem starts when your babies start taking more solid and liquid diets. 

Conventional cloth diapers absorb urine, but they only absorb a very small portion of it. So, when it comes to solid ones, won’t you need some extra absorbency along with the regular diapers?

Here’s when the diaper inserts, aka liners come into the picture and help you better care for your baby’s sensitive skin. A diaper liner is a thick layer of fabric that holds the solid and absorbs the majority of the liquid and moisture. Diaper inserts keep the baby’s skin dry by absorbing all the moisture and are easily changeable. There are two types of diaper liners available,

  • Disposable Inserts. Once used, you can’t use them again. They are made from paper and are thrown away, adding to our planet's trash epidemic.

  • Reusable Inserts. As its name suggests, are insert liners that are 100% reusable and washable because they are made from clothes. 

You can start using diaper inserts in conjunction with your cloth diapers anytime, but they are especially recommended once your baby starts eating solid foods. The excess diaper fill can cause rashes if both the solid and liquid remain in contact with your baby's skin overnight. 

(Pro Parent Tip) If using any kind of diaper cream, use a thin piece of fleece between the skin and insert for optimal comfort and to prevent cream building up in the liner. 

Another great thing about the reusable cloth diaper inserts is they get softer every time you wash them. Cloth inserts are preferred over disposable inserts because they are a considerably more eco-friendly option, being able to be used many times over.If all these wonderful attributes of cloth diaper inserts aren’t reason enough, their spectacular absorbency should seal the deal. Just ask your baby, they will be unaware they are even wet for quite a long time.

When you think about the child’s comfort and safety, you can’t compromise with quality. So whether it’s medication, food, or diaper liners, you naturally want the best for your infants.

One brand who is completely dedicated to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction that we have found is Lukara. They have some excellent reusable cloth diaper inserts made of a special, ultra absorbent hemp/organic cotton blend that will stop leaks from even the heaviest wetters. With such a reliable diaper insert, both you and your precious little one can get a peaceful night's sleep. 

Additionally, these reusable diaper liners by Lukara keep the moisture away from the baby’s skin, enhancing comfort, reducing rashing, and giving an extra huggy feel to their sweet delicate cheeks. 

Lukara is all set to provide both you and your baby a dry, cozy night protected from the natural irritants that occur. Would you like to wake up and find all the mess of your baby actually in their diapers? Would you like to only need to wash a diaper and a liner instead of the sheets and clothes also? Order yourself some of Lukara’s hemp diaper liners and experience the difference they make.