5 Ways to Save Money & The Planet

5 Ways to Save Money & The Planet





5 Ways to Save Money and the Planet

Saving the planet… I feel this term has become almost ubiquitous with the mindset that in order to accomplish this we need to purchase expensive electric cars, become vegan (Nothing wrong with vegan if you are), never use single-use plastic again, etc…
While all of these things do have an ecological impact, you do not need to go broke or completely shift your entire life to help out.
Here are 5 Simple tips on how you can both help save the planet and actually save money while doing it.

  • 1) Reusable Grocery Bags have become the general standard for many people these days, but countless people still pay each time they go to the store for the $0.10 per plastic bag the store offers. Now, yes, this may be better than the original single-use bags in that they can technically be reused, but how much better is it really, and how many people still end up throwing these bags away sooner than later?
    Alternatively, we like to use bags that not only cost once but actually help the environment simply by their creation like some of the bags our friends @Treehugger have so thoroughly reviewed for us

  • 2) Reusable Ziplock Bags… While we are on the subject of reusable bags, let's talk about a household staple… That’s right, the infamous Ziplock bag... Did you know that now, thanks to companies such as Stasher, you can now say goodbye to expensive, polluting, single-use storage bags in exchange for durable, washable bags that will continue to serve all your food storage needs for years to come.
    Check out this wonderful resource we found @thespruceeats for more great bag options

  • 3) Reusable To-Go Cups… So, this one may have a little bias, but it is a great place to save both the planet and money. One way a reusable to-go cup can save you money is by bringing your favorite morning beverage with you instead of paying $5 a day on coffee/ tea or whatever you like to drink. When choosing a reusable to-go cup there are several things to consider before purchase. First, you are going to want to decide what you are going to use it for. There is no one-size-fits-all-to-go cup. Next, you will want to consider material and insulated or not. If you are like me, I don't always want my coffee to stay SO HOT it is undrinkable for the better part of the morning. This is one reason when creating the Lukara EcoGo cups we chose not to insulate the first rendition. As for materials, there are many choices. Everything from metal (a good choice) plastic (not so great) bamboo fiber (ok, but definitely not great) PLA (corn starch) & (our preferred material) being light, strong, reusable, and compostable we felt it checked all our boxes. All that being said, choose the cup that best suits your to-go needs.

  • 4) Cook at Home… That is not to say to never patronize your favorite eatery, but even bringing your own lunch to work can save you hundreds if not thousands a year between the cost of the food and the gas to go get it.
    In addition to saving money, the planet-saving side comes in with the disposable take-out containers, cutlery, and again the gas not being used. Compounded over time can really make a big impact.
    If you are going to go out to eat, try at the very least, bringing your own utensils and straws such as this awesome wooden, hand-made cutlery set by JungleCulture

  • 5) Ditch the Cling Wrap… In this amazing technologically advanced world we live in, there are countless ways to avoid using cling wrap. One of our favorite ways is by utilizing reusable beeswax cling wrap. (Say that 3 times fast)
    One great example of such a product we found is by a company out of Oregon called Bee Good Foodwraps

    In conclusion, we just want to help you to be able to go about your normal daily lives just a little more eco-conscious but not cause a total life upheaval. Hopefully, these tips will help you to do just that.
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