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Eco News

What’s new everybody? At Lukara we ask ourselves this question all the time. We ask what is new in the world today? What new recipe can we find or create? What new Eco friendly life product can we provide to you and the world? What new method of saving the planet has someone created, refined, discovered? What new way can we help do our part in reducing any negative impact we may have on this beautiful world? Because face it, none of us are perfect. All we can do is be mindful of our choices and do what we can when we can. These questions and so many more go through our heads day in and day out, and if you are reading this we are willing to bet that many of these questions run through your beautiful mind as well. 

So let's talk about a few of these questions. What’s new in the world today?
What's new in the world today, is a very broad question so we are going to narrow it down a little. For our intents and purposes there are certain topics that just really do not make a lot of sense to discuss. All though interesting to many, what’s new in the world of football… hahaha, is definitely a topic for somebody else's newsletter… At Lukara we are more interested in what is new with things such as recycling/ upcycling innovations or habitat restoration. One industry we found, not normally synonyms with sustainability, that is pushing their way forward in the preservation of our planet is the fashion industry. In 2021 every level of fashion is seeming to come around to answer the call to reuse, reduce, recycle. Parisian designer Gabriel Hearst has partnered with Sheltersuit, a nonprofit that creates protective (and potentially lifesaving) products for unhoused people, to craft backpacks made out of repurposed material from the Chloé archives. For each backpack sold, the house will fund the production of two Sheltersuits, which are jackets that come with duffel bags and optional sleeping bags—serving as both clothing and shelter for inclement conditions.

How cool is that? 

Another company that is leading the way to a more sustainable fashion future is an LA based company called AG. AG is addressing the downside of denom. The 1800 gallons of water to grow the cotton to produce a single pair of our favorite pants… I know I was shocked also by that little fashion fact. What AG is doing, is creating fully biodegradable denom out of a carbon neutral fabric, hemp. At Lukara, we are very fond of… hemp… Not only is this fabric great for the environment, as it grows incredibly fast and requires significantly less natural resources to produce, hemp is one of the most durable fabrics there is. If that isn't enough to want to run out and get some of these jeans, they are fully biodegradable. We would still recommend donating them to a family member or another charitable organization so someone else can benefit from there awesomeness, but you can lay your head down at night knowing that if no other decision you made has any significant ecological impact, at least your clothing is not destined for a landfill and did not contribute to killing the planet with its production. 

The fashion industry is definitely making some notable strides in the name of planetary conservation, and the more we support these companies that are really trying to do their part, the more other companies and even other industries will follow suit. 

Well, enough about fashion. I am pretty sure that you are not reading this just to find out who is making the next eco fashion, although interesting, there are far more things we can discuss that may peak your interest. 

One such topic is one thing that may have led you to Lukara in the first place… Steaming!!!

SO… What's new in steaming??? Well to be honest, new in the world of steaming food is probably only going to have real context in New to us or New to you, but as for steaming… Let's be real here, steaming has been a favorite cooking method for thousands of years. New is highly unlikely. Now, some things about steaming that may be New to you are all the diverse cooking applications for steam. I mean the Chinese have been utilizing bamboo steamers, such as the one offered by.. You guessed it… Lukara.., for thousands of years. There are bound to be a few things we didn't even realize you could steam.
One prime example of steaming New to you may be deserts… Did you know you can actually steam a cake??? Yep, you read that correctly, you can steam yourself a deliciously moist cake.. I know, we were a little surprised when we first discovered this as well, but let us tell you what… You steam your first cake and take that first bite of the moistest cake you have ever indulge your senses with, and your cake standers will be severely elevated. One recipe we found that we really enjoyed came from a site,, and rather than including the whole recipe here I figured a good old fashion hyperlink would be best. I know old fashion and digital don’t normally get put into the same sentence, but, for many of us reading this, digital anything has been a part of our lives for our entire lives… let that sink in a sec.
A couple things that are new, at least in our hot steamy world, are two new recipe books that we will be releasing in the near future. “Keto Steam” a healthy Keto, Paleo friendly culmination of delicious, nutritious recipes that will help you to enjoy both your journey into steam, but also into Ketosis.

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, but also including sugar free, gluten free, and dairy free recipe options, will be our new dessert recipe book… “Sweat Steam”

Well…  Before I run on and on and on and completely either bore you or write about everything there is to write about and leave nothing to talk about in our next Lukara newsletter, I will bid you farewell for now. We do hope you have found at least some value and interest in not only this newsletter, but our company, our products, and our mission to “Improve Life, Improve Earth” one eco-friendly life product at a time. 

Be sure to stay tuned to our newsletters and or follow us on social media @mylukara for updates on what we are up to next. And whatever you do...Stay Steaming everyone...


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